ObeEnd Weight Loss Wristband

ObeEnd - Weight loss wristband
ObeEnd - Weight loss wristband

ObeEnd - Weight loss wristband


ObeEnd is a smart wristband designed to combat the obesity epidemic. It controls caloric intake by reducing appetite, gastric secretion, and gastric contraction. It increases exercise endurance and improves post-workout recovery.




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About ObeEnd

ObeEnd Improves Energy Balance in the Body through Three Key Mechanisms


Appetite reduction

Through this high precision electrical stimulation, several activities involved in energy-intake, including gastric acid secretion and stomach peristalsis, could be reduced by up to 30.5%. Gastro myoelectrical activity (period dominant frequency, PDF), another important factor in energy in-take, has been shown to be decreased by up to 78%.


WAT – BAT conversion

Human body fat is composed of two types: white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). WAT is the form of stored body fat that leads to obesity. BAT on the other hand, is responsible for generating heat within the human body via thermogenesis. Therefore, converting WAT into BAT would be an effective method to reduce obesity.


Post-exercise recovery

Enhancing exercise performance and promoting post-exercise recovery are two factors that are important in sustaining regular exercise habits. Electroacupuncture stimulation has been demonstrated to significantly improve both exercise performance and post-exercise recovery for athletes.

Our features


Personalized goals
based on BMI



Heart rate



The ObeEnd's mobile app gives you more control.

  • Organize electrical stimulation, steps, exercise data
  • Control and adjust the electrical stimulation function
  • Personalized feedback loop
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Personalized feedback loop

Continuous input of updated personal data such as height and weight and weight will help the AI system recommend a more precise and personalized usage duration.

  • Bluetooth
  • Calorie control
  • Energy balance
  • TENS
  • BMI
  • Personalise

Innovative design

WAT Medical’s innovative weight management wristband, ObeEnd, receives top awards in iF Design Award and Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, for its aesthetically appealing, innovative, and smart design quality.

People love us

I use it every day! Enjoy the healthy life brought by ObeEnd, especially the feeling of fullness after use, this is amazing.

Barbara Smith- CA

I am a fitness trainer. I have to say that this is a magical bracelet. After 2 months of continuous use, my weight has dropped significantly.

David Craft - LA

As a program developer, I have no extra time to exercise. Fortunately, I found the ObeEnd. I wear it on my wrist anytime to output electrical pulses. It feels very good.

Kevin Todd - FL

ObeEnd helped me manage calories well, maintained a wonderful body shape, and provided an opportunity to show my fans the best side when shooting YouTube videos and live broadcasts.

Rebecca Hurst- TX

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