ObeEnd - Weight loss wristband
ObeEnd - Weight loss wristband

ObeEnd - Weight loss wristband


ObeEnd is a smart wristband designed to combat the obesity epidemic. It controls caloric intake by reducing appetite, gastric secretion, and gastric contraction. It increases exercise endurance and improves post-workout recovery.



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  • The world's first smart wearable device that integrates innovative TENS technology.
  • The advanced AI chip and algorithm create customized targeted TENS solutions to different users according to the user's BMI, reducing their calorie intake and increasing their energy expenditure.

Compatible with any activity







1. Contraindications

  • Patients who are suffering from acute inflammation, hemorrhagic tendency, arrhythmia and epilepsy
  • People who have cardiac pacemaker within their bodies
  • People who have metal piece within their bodies,please contact us before purchasing to confirm if you can purchase

2. Attention

  • While ObeEnd could effectively reduce gastric acid secretion and contraction, it is not a form of medical treatment of any health condition
  • The heart rate monitored by the device is for reference only and cannot be used for medical diagnosis

Feedback from our users


Emilie Frank



This is an excellent device. I insist on using it according to the daily electrical stimulation program provided by the system and keep updating my body data. It has been 6 months. I feel that there has been a magical change in my body imperceptibly. The most important thing is that it can integrate the function of a smart sports bracelet, it always reminds me to maintain a good eating habits.

Lewis Todd



As a programmer, long hours of work give me no extra time to exercise, so I have always been fat. I tried dieting, medications, special coffee, etc. and spent thousands of dollars, but my figure did not change as I imagined. By chance, a friend of mine recommended it. After I looked up countless materials, I found that this is a product with a solid scientific basis, so I decided to try it. Yes, I insisted on using it for three months, and the magical electrical stimulation made a big change in my figure. He is doing a good job, this is truly innovative technology.

Maria Holmes

Office clerk


I used to try to control my diet, but it was unsuccessful until I found ObeEnd, which is an epoch-making product. It seems to be customized perfectly for me. I would use electrical stimulation 1 hour before each meal, and then my desire for food intake decreased. During most of my working hours, I will also use its electrical stimulation function to continue to work for me. It is friendly and works perfectly without affecting my work. I have recommended it to more friends in the office.

Nigel Nevin



What’s amazing is that after using ObeEnd for 2 and a half months, I lost 12 pounds, which is definitely worth a try. Another designer friend of mine, he and I used ObeEnd almost at the same time. His weight dropped by 8 pounds, and the effect was remarkable. Based on the differences of each individual, ObeEnd can help weight loss people achieve the desired results more efficiently, standardly and scientifically. Persisting in long-term use is my experience after using the equipment.