VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / January 19, 2021 / WAT Medical has announced that ObeEnd received the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification. ObeEnd is an innovative wearable wellness device that combats the global obesity epidemic. It does so through precise electrical stimulation, which results in diet control.

“By receiving the FCC certification, we have achieved a major milestone in the development of ObeEnd. This technology is a real game-changer in the realm of wearable wellness devices. ObeEnd is the world’s first wearable device that uses a BMI-based closed-loop feedback technology. In addition to the functions of a fitness wristband, it features precise electrical stimulation, which is shown clinically to result in appetite reduction. This eliminates a common and significant roadblock for individuals who are striving for weight loss,” said Raymond Ji, founder of WAT Medical Enterprise.

About ObeEnd

The key objective of ObeEnd is to promote weight loss by helping its users achieve energy balance. It does so through the following mechanisms:

  • Appetite reduction: Through precise electrical stimulation of PC6, several activities involved in energy intake, namely gastric acid secretion, gastric peristalsis, gastro myoelectrical activity, would be significantly reduced. This would lead to control over long term appetite.
  • White Adipose Tissue Browning: White adipose tissue (WAT) is involved in energy storage. ObeEnd would electrically stimulate the conversion of WAT into brown adipose tissue (BAT), which is involved in heat generation. The user’s own body would be stimulated to metabolize the stored body fat.
  • PostExercise Recovery & Exercise Enhancement: Through electroacupuncture stimulation, which has been clinically demonstrated to improve both exercise performance and post-exercise recovery for athletes, ObeEnd optimizes the fitness activities for its users and promote long term workout habit.

By promoting the reduction of energy-intake and storage via diet control and WAT metabolism, respectively, and by increasing the energy-expenditure through enhancement of exercise performance and recovery, ObeEnd is able to help its users achieve the energy balance their body needs for effective weight loss.

ObeEnd’s Bluetooth technology and radiation parameters have been certified by the FCC. By connecting ObeEnd to its mobile application, users are able to receive personalized stimulation recommendation based on their BMI. WAT Medical is simultaneously working towards obtaining similar certifications in other countries in preparation for its future global distribution.

Development of ObeEnd

In addition to the team of WAT Medical Enterprise, which has successfully innovated several other wearable technologies in the past, the development of ObeEnd involved the collaboration of medical and healthcare professionals from Harvard University and University of California, Berkeley. Additional clinical studies are planned in the near future, conducted by clinical researchers of Johns Hopkins University and University of Michigan.

ObeEnd’s crowdfunding campaign will commence in March of 2021 on Kickstarter.